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Welcome to the Geology Laboratory of Ecole Normale Supérieure

A place for research...
The Geology Laboratory of ENS is both a place for research and a place of training in Earth Sciences through teaching and research. Although the size of the laboratory is modest, it covers a very wide spectrum of research topics: geophysics, seismology, geodesy, seismotectonics, geology, rock mechanics, thermochemistry, mineralogy, geomaterials, geochemistry. This strongly favors exchanges between topics which is a strong feature of the laboratory.
The scientific (...)

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The Earthquake of Padang, Sumatra of 30 September 2009 – scientific information and update

Christophe Vigny and his collaborators have been studying this higly seismogenic area over the last 15 years.
An Earthquake of magnitude 7.6 occurred on the Sumatran subduction, right in front of the capital city of Padang, on September 30th, at 10:16 UT. This event takes place in a long list of earthquakes occurring in this area, in particular since the mega-thrust earthquake of December 2004. This earthquake prone area is complex: It is the boundary between various tectonic plates (...)

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Louis Néel medal 2009

The 2009 Louis Néel Medal is awarded to Yves Guéguen in recognition of his outstanding (...)