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Julia de Sigoyer

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- Robert, A., J. Zhu, J. Vergne, R. Cattin, L. S. Chan, G. Wittlinger, G. Herquel, J. de Sigoyer, M. Pubellier, and L. D. Zhu (2010), Crustal structures in the area of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake from seismologic and gravimetric data, Tectonophys., v. 491(1-4), pp. 205-210, doi : 10.1016/j.tecto.2009.11.010.

PDF - 2.8 Mo

- Robert, A., M. Pubellier, J. de Sigoyer, J. Vergne, A. Lahfid, R. Cattin, N. Findling, and J. Zhu (2010), Structural and thermal characters of the Longmen Shan (Sichuan, China), Tectonophys., v. 491(1-4), pp. 165-173, doi : 10.1016/j.tecto.2010.03.018.

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de Michele et al 2010 GJI

- de Michele, M., D. Raucoules, J. de Sigoyer, M. Pubellier, and N. Chamot-Rooke (2010), Three-dimensional surface displacement of the 2008 May 12 Sichuan earthquake (China) derived from Synthetic Aperture Radar : evidence for rupture on a blind thrust, Geophys. J. Int., v. 183(3), pp. 1097-1103, doi : 10.1111/j.1365-246X.2010.04807.x.

PDF - 8.6 Mo

- de Michele, M., Raucoules, D., Lasserre, C., Pathier, E., Klinger, Y., Van Der Woerd, J., de Sigoyer, J. & Xu, X. 2010. The Mw 7.9, 12 May 2008 Sichuan earthquake rupture measured by sub-pixel correlation of ALOS PALSAR amplitude images, doi:10.5047/eps.2009.05.002. , Earth Planets Space. v.62, 875–879.

PDF - 4.3 Mo

- Godard, V., R. Pik, J. Lave, R. Cattin, B. Tibari, J. de Sigoyer, M. Pubellier, and J. Zhu (2009), Late Cenozoic evolution of the central Longmen Shan, eastern Tibet : Insight from (U-Th)/He thermochronometry, Tectonics, v. 28, doi : Tc5009 10.1029/2008tc002407.

PDF - 1.7 Mo

- Bailly, V., M. Pubellier, J. C. Ringenbach, J. de Sigoyer, and F. Sapin (2009), Deformation zone Jumps, in a young convergent setting ; the Lengguru fold-and-thrust belt, New Guinea Island, Lithos, v. 113(1-2), pp. 306-317, doi : 10.1016/j.lithos.2009.08.013.

PDF - 3.7 Mo

- Negro, F., J. de Sigoyer, B. Goffe, O. Saddiqi, and I. M. Villa (2008), Tectonic evolution of the Betic-Rif arc : New constraints from Ar-40/Ar-39 dating on white micas in the Temsamane units (External Rif, northern Morocco), Lithos, v. 106(1-2), pp. 93-109.

PDF - 2.2 Mo
guillot et al 08

- Guillot, S., G. Maheo, J. de Sigoyer, K. H. Hattori, and A. Pecher (2008), Tethyan and Indian subduction viewed from the Himalayan high- to ultrahigh-pressure metamorphic rocks, Tectonophys., v. 451(1-4), pp. 225-241.

PDF - 1.7 Mo
de sigoyer etal04

- de Sigoyer, J., S. Guillot, and P. Dick (2004), Exhumation of the ultrahigh-pressure Tso Morari unit in eastern Ladakh (NW Himalaya) : A case study, Tectonics, v. 23(3), doi : 10.1029/2002TC001492.

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guillot et al03G3

- Guillot, S., E. Garzanti, D. Baratoux, D. Marquer, G. Maheo, and J. de Sigoyer (2003), Reconstructing the total shortening history of the NW Himalaya, Geochem. Geophy. Geosys., v. 4, doi : 10.1029/2002GC000484.

PDF - 454.4 ko

- Luais, B., S. Duchene, and J. de Sigoyer (2001), Sm-Nd disequilibrium in high-pressure, low-temperature Himalayan and Alpine rocks, Tectonophys., v. 342(1-2), pp. 1-22.

PDF - 748.5 ko

- Guillot, S., K. H. Hattori, J. de Sigoyer, T. Nagler, and A. L. Auzende (2001), Evidence of hydration of the mantle wedge and its role in the exhumation of eclogites, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., v. 193(1-2), pp. 115-127.

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Reply de Sig 2000a

- de Sigoyer, J., V. Chavagnac, J. Blichert-Toft, I. M. Villa, B. Luais, S. Guillot, M. Cosca, and G. Mascle (2001), Dating the Indian continental subduction and collisional thickening in the northwest Himalaya : Multichronology of the Tso Morari eclogites : Reply, Geology, v. 29, p. 192.

PDF - 3.8 Mo
Mahéo et al2000

- Maheo, G., H. Bertrand, S. Guillot, G. Mascle, A. Pecher, C. Picard, and J. de Sigoyer (2000), Evidence of a Tethyan immature arc within the South Ladakh ophiolites (NW Himalaya, India), C. R. Acad. Sci., Série II A, v. 330(4), pp. 289-295.

PDF - 162 ko

- Guillot, S., K. H. Hattori, and J. de Sigoyer (2000), Mantle wedge serpentinization and exhumation of eclogites : Insights from eastern Ladakh, northwest Himalaya, Geology, v. 28(3), pp. 199-202.

PDF - 148.4 ko
de Sigoyer 2000Geology

- de Sigoyer, J., V. Chavagnac, J. Blichert-Toft, I. M. Villa, B. Luais, S. Guillot, M. Cosca, and G. Mascle (2000), Dating the Indian continental subduction and collisional thickening in the northwest Himalaya : Multichronology of the Tso Morari eclogites, Geology, v. 28(6), pp. 487-490.

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image 1
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Guillot et al 1997

- Guillot, S., J. de Sigoyer, J. M. Lardeaux, and G. Mascle (1997), Eclogitic metasediments from the Tso Morari area (Ladakh, Himalaya) : evidence for continental subduction during India-Asia convergence, Contrib. Min. Petrol., v. 128(2-3), pp. 197-212.

PDF - 4.6 Mo
de Sigoyer 1997EJM

- de Sigoyer, J., S. Guillot, J. M. Lardeaux, and G. Mascle (1997), Glaucophane-bearing eclogites in the Tso Morari dome (eastern Ladakh, NW Himalaya), Eur. J. Mineral., v. 9(5), pp. 1073-1083.