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Plunder Alexis

tel : +331 44 32 22 50

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bureau : E304

Sujet de thèse : Contraintes pétrologiques sur la nature et la dynamique de l’interface des plaques en subduction. L’exemple de la suture d’Izmir-Ankara, Turquie. Sous la direction de C. Chopin (ENS), P. Agard (UPMC)



Plunder, A., Agard, P., Chopin, C and Okay, A.I., Geodynamics of the Tavşanlı zone, western Turkey : Insights into sub- duction/obduction processes, Tectonophysics,


Plunder A., Agard P., Dubacq B., Chopin C. & Bellanger M. 2011. How continuous and precise is the record of P-T paths ? Insights from combined thermobarometry and thermodynamic modelling into subduction dynamics (Schistes Lustrés, W. Alps), Journal of Metamorphic Geology, Volume 30, Issue 3, pages 323–346, April 2012 (doi:10.1111/j.1525-1314.2011.00969.x /

Angiboust, S., Agard, P., De Hoog, J.C.M., Omrani, J., and Plunder A. Insights on deep, accretionary subduction processes from the Sistan ophiolitic “mélange”(Eastern Iran), Lithos, Volume 156–159, pages 139–158.

-  ILP Workshop, Franciscan meeting - Insights on accretionary processes during subduction : A case study from western Anatolia (Oral)

Alexis Plunder, Philippe Agard ,Christian Chopinand Aral Okay.

-  EGU General Assembly 2013 - Tectono-metamorphic evolution of the Tavşanlı zone, Western Anatolia : implications for mechanical coupling during subduction/obduction processes (Oral)

Record of high-pressure overprint in metamorphic soles of the Tavşanlı zone, Western Anatolia (Poster)

Alexis Plunder , Philippe Agard, Christian Chopin and Aral Okay.

-  EGU General Assembly 2012 - New petrological insights from the Tavşanlı zone (İzmir-Ankara suture, Western Anatolia)

Alexis Plunder, Philippe Agard,Christian Chopin and Aral Okay.

-  EGU General Assembly 2011 - Towards continuous P-T paths ? Multicalibration approach and application to subduction dynamics (Schistes Lustrés complex, France)

Alexis Plunder, Philippe Agard, Benoit Dubacq, and Christian Chopin

-  2010 GSA Denver Annual Meeting - Petrogeodynamics of HP-LT rocks : State of the art and application to processes along the subduction channel

AGARD, Philippe, ANGIBOUST, Samuel, PLUNDER, Alexis, YAMATO, Philippe, and AUGIER, Romain