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Rabaute Alain

tel : 01 44 32 22 56

Chercheur indépendant - Director of Geosubsight, Inc.

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My research activities focus on the quantitative characterization of the properties and evolution of sediment accumulations, particularly, but not exclusively, in marine settings, and their relationships with regional and local active tectonics.

I use laboratory and field acquisition apparatus (core measurements, well-logging, side-scan sonar, 2D and 3D seismics). I also devise adapted data analysis techniques that use mainly multivariate statistics, image analysis, inversion methods and numerical modelling to characterize the mineralogy, diagenesis, physical properties, dynamics of fluids circulation, strain and stress fields, of the geological formations.

I use these results to investigate the phenomenon of mud volcanism in active marine settings, the geological history and present state of oil basins, the feasibility of CO2 sequestration in saline aquifers.


- Acquisition, analysis and interpretation of ocean seafloor imagery (multibeam bathymetry and acoustic reflectivity).

- Acquisition, analysis and integrated interpretation of well-logging data and core measurements.

- Use of Geographic Information Systems (ArcGIS, Microstation) to gather and visualize large projects.

- Elaboration of measurement protocols and analysis schemes, automation of acquisition-analysis protocols, elaboration of numerical models.

- Field mapping and sea-going experience.


- PhD Geology-Geophysics (summa cum laude), University of Montpellier (France)

- Master major in Tectonics – Geochemistry – Geophysics – Hydrogeology (summa), University of Montpellier (France)

Participation in projects

- 2005 Joint Integrated Project TECTOSTRAIN Modelling the present strain field in Central Southeast Asia. Ecole normale supérieure, Unocal.

- 2001-2004 Joint Integrated Project DOTS Deep Offshore Tectonic Studies. Ecole normale supérieure, Total, EXXON, Unocal, Conoco.

- 2002 European Project GEOMOUND Genesis and geological evolution of deep-water carbonate mounds. CEREGE, RCMG, UCD.

- 2003 European Project CO2STORE CO2 sequestration in geological reservoirs. IFP, BGS, BGR, BP, BRGM, EXXON.

- 1998-2000 Joint Integrated Project CHLORITE Pore-lining chlorite in siliciclastic reservoirs. IFP, Total, BP, Anadarko, Agip, Sonatrach.

- 2000 Project PNRN « Volcanic hazards » and European Program Environmental and Climate Work – Volcanic risk. IPGP.

- 1995-1997 Industrial project CARBONATES, Schlumberger-Doll Research, USA.

Sea-going experience

2006 West-Myanmar active margin : Multichannel seismic, multibeam bathymetry and acoustic reflectivity acquisition and processing. Martaban cruise R/V Marion Dufresne II

1995 Mud volcanism in the Mediterranean Ridge accretionary complex. Ocean Drilling Program Leg 160 Mediterranean Sea I R/V JOIDES Resolution

1994 Source, nature, and extension of fluid flow in the North-Barbados accretionary prism décollement zone. Ocean Drilling Program Leg 156 Northern Barbados prism R/V JOIDES Resolution


- 2009 - Cattin, R., N. Chamot-Rooke, M. Pubellier, A. Rabaute, M. Delescluse, C. Vigny, L. Fleitout, and P. Dubernet, 2009. Stress change and effective friction coefficient along the Sumatra-Andaman-Sagaing fault system after the 26 December 2004 (Mw=9.2) and the 28 March 2005 (Mw=8.7) earthquakes. Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst., Vol. 10, No 3, doi:10.1029/2008GC002167

- 2007 - Rabaute A. & N. Chamot-Rooke, 2007. Quantitative mapping of mud volcanism at the western Mediterranean Ridge – backstop contact, Mar Geophys Res, 28, 271–295, doi : 10.1007/s11001-007-9031-8

- 2007 - Van Rensbergen P., A. Rabaute, A. Colpaert, T. St. Ghislain, M. Mathijs & A. Bruggeman, 2007. Fluid migration and fluid seepage in the Connemara Field, Porcupine Basin interpreted from industrial 3D seismic and well data combined with high-resolution site survey data, Int. J. Earth Sci., doi : 96, 185-197, 10.1007/s00531-005-0021-2

- 2005 - Chamot-Rooke N., A. Rabaute & C. Kreemer, 2005. Western Mediterranean Ridge mud belt correlates with active shear strain at the prism – backstop geological contact, Geology, 33 (11), 861-864. doi : 10.1130/G21469.1

- 2003 - Rabaute A. , A. Revil & E. Brosse, 2003. In situ mineralogy and permeability from downhole measurements. Application to a case study in clay-coated sandstone formations, J. Geophys. Res., Vol. 108, No. B9, 2414, doi:10.1029/2002JB002178

- 2003 - Rabaute A., B. Yven, M. Zamora & W. Chelini, 2003. Subsurface geophysics of the Phlegrean Fields : New insights from downhole measurements interpretation, J. Geophys. Res., Vol. 108, No. B3, 2171, doi:10.1029/2001JB001436

- 2001 - Saito N., A. Rabaute & T.S. Ramakrishnan, 2001. Method for Interpreting Petrophysical Data, UK Patent Number GB2345776, Grant Date : 1/16/01.

- 2001 - Ramakrishnan T.S., R. Ramamoorthy, E. Fordham, L. Schwartz, M. Herron, N. Saito, & A. Rabaute, 2001. A model-based interpretation methodology for evaluating carbonate reservoirs, Paper Society of Petroleum Engineers 71704, 15 p.

- 1998 - Ramakrishnan T.S., A. Rabaute, E. Fordham, R. Ramamoorthy, M. Herron, A. Matteson, B. Raghuraman, A. Madhi, M. Akbar, & F. Kuchuk, 1998. A petrophysical and petrographic study of carbonate cores from the Thamama formation, Paper Society of Petroleum Engineers 49502, 14 p.

- 1997 - Rabaute A., L. Briqueu, H. Mercadier & P.K. Harvey, 1997. Characterisation of oceanic sediments and basalts from the New Hebrides island arc from downhole measurements in Site 833 (ODP Leg 134). Scientific Drilling, 6(2), p. 91–101

- 1997 - Blum P., A. Rabaute, P. Gaudon & J. Allan, 1997. Analysis of Natural gamma-ray spectra obtained from sediment cores with the shipboard scintillation detector of the Ocean Drilling Program : example from Leg 156. Proc. ODP, Sci. Results, 156 : College Station, Texas (Ocean Drilling Program), p. 183–195

- 1995 - Moore J. Casey, T. Shipley, D. Goldberg, Y. Ogawa, F. Filice, A. Fisher, M-J. Jurado, G. Moore, A. Rabaute, H. Yin, G. Zwart, W. Bruckmann, P. Henry, J. Ashi, P. Blum, A. Meyer, B. Housen, M. Kastner, P. Labaume, T. Laier, E. Leitch, A. Maltman, S. Peacock, T. Steiger, H. Tobin, M. Underwood, Y. Xu, & Y. Zheng, 1995. Abnormal fluid pressures and fault-zone dilation in the Barbados accretionary prism : Evidence from logging while drilling, Geology, v. 23, p. 605–608

- 1995 - Labaume P., P. Henry, A. Rabaute & ODP Leg 156 Scientific Party, 1995. Pore water overpressure and circulation in the Northern Barbados accretionary prism : results of ODP Leg 156. C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris, t. 320, série IIa, p. 977–984

Map drafting and editing

- 2008 - Structural Map of Eastern Eurasia – Evolution of Crustal Blocks and Orogenic Belts through Time M. Pubellier & others (among them A. Rabaute), 2007, map 1:12 500 000 scale, with explanatory notes, Commission for the Geological Map of the World (CGMW)

- 2007 - Morpho-tectonic Map of Cenozoic structures of the South China / Northern Vietnam coastal region Pubellier M., L.S. Chan & others (among them A. Rabaute), 2007, map 1:1.250.000 scale with explanatory notes and remote cdrom, OutPut Express Print Off, Hong-Kong, ISBN 978-988-98896-4-7, 16p.

- 2006 - Plate Kinematics from Space / La Tectonique des Plaques depuis l’Espace. Chamot-Rooke N. & A. Rabaute, 2006, Commission for the Geological Map of the World (CGMW), map at 1:50.000.000 scale

- 2005 - DOTMED : A synthesis of deep marine data in eastern Mediterranean, Chamot-Rooke N., C. Rangin, X. Le Pichon, A. Rabaute, O. Laurent, F. Ego, S. Lallemant, C. Nielsen, P. Pagot, D. Tsang Hin Sun, R. Walcott & R. Bousquet, 2005, Mém. Soc. Géol. France, 177, 64 p., 9 pl. + cdrom

- 2005 - DOTSEA : A synthesis of deep marine data in South-East Asia Pubellier M., C. Rangin, X. Le Pichon, F. Ego, C. Nielsen, A. Rabaute, H.T. Ngoc Nguyen, P. Pagot, & D. Tsang Hin Sun, 2005, Mém. Soc. Géol. France, 176, 32 p., 6 pl. + cdrom