Masonry techniques in the face of earthquakes, from Antiquity to the present:

prospects for multidisciplinary studies

October 20th, 2017: Laboratoire de géologie, Ecole normale supérieure

(salle E314 – 24, rue Lhomond 75005 PARIS)

Exploring the characteristics of heritage buildings in the face of earthquakes presents a crucial issue in risk-prone areas. Complex and still largely ignored, the behavior of masonries, which constitute one of the most traditional building techniques since Antiquity, needs to be focused. The aim of this international workshop is to assess the various methods of analysis. It will bring together archaeologists, seismologists, structural engineers and architects. These various specialists will cross their approaches in order to define new directions for the study and conservation of masonry buildings. In the framework of the ANR program RECAP, the workshop is organized at the Ecole normale supérieure, by the AOROC (UMR 8546), the Geology laboratory (UMR 8538), the AFPS and the IRSN.

Organization: Didier Combescure (AFPS), Hélène Dessales (ENS, UMR 8546), Maria Lancieri (IRSN), Hélène Lyon-Caen (ENS, UMR 8538)


Archaeological and textual interpretations

11h30-12h30: discussion

In-situ characterization and modelling

15h-15h30: discussion

Structures: models of calculation, laboratory tests

17h-18h: discussion and conclusion