DEvelopment of Broadband Acceleration Time histories for Engineers
Développement des accelerogrammes larges bandes pour les ingénieurs


The proper way to reduce seismic risk is to construct earthquake resistant infrastructures. As infrastructure becomes more sophisticated and complex, such a system has become increasingly mechanically complex and nonlinear. In the project DEBATE we approach this problem from three perspectives: (1) The development of improved methods for the simulation of deterministic strong ground motion, which will be combined with a stochastic simulation at higher frequencies, (2) the nonlinear soil behaviour on strong ground motion, considering the reliability and variety of signals (broadband acceleration time histories) as well as the consistency with our knowledge from the real data, and (3) the recent large earthquakes with acquired strong motion data in Japan and in Chile.

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Working Packages

  1. Seismological description for broadband input ground motion
  2. Non-linear effect of foundation according to different input ground motion
  3. Real field examples
    • 2007 Tocopilla (Chile) earthquake (Mw7.8)
    • 2007 Niigata Chuetsu-oki (Japan) earthquake (Mw6.3)

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