Penang Meeting Annoucement

April 14-18 1997 Concluding International Symposium GEODYSSEA (Geodynamics of South and South-East Asia). Park Royal Resort, Penang, Malaysia (sponsored by the Commission of the European Union and the Association of South East Asian Nations).

Contact person : Mr. Chan Peng Yue, department of Survey and Mapping, Jalan Semarak MY-50578 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. E-mail

Abstracts to Peter Wilson GFZ Potsdam Telegrafenberg A17 D-14473 Potsdam Germany (E-mail before February 15th 1997.

The GEODYSSEA Project comprises three aspects. These are repeat geodetic (GPS) measurements of kinematic motions over a network addressing the region of the ASEAN (Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam) and Australia, field geological investigations in Sulawesi and a regional seismic tomgraphy. The meeting will present project results and invites participants to relate these to other ongoing or completed field investigations and their conclusions. The discussions should cover such topics as GPS field observations and data processing, geological field and computational techniques, geological and geophysical interpretation of the results, as well as the concepts for possible future activities.

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