Book of abstracts

following are listed the abstracts received up to : April 12

Vigny et al. Report on the ENS Solution of the GEODYSSEA GPS Measurements.

Walpersdorf et al. GPS Observations of the Tectonic Activity in the Triple Junction Area in Indonesia.

Chamot-Rooke et al. Sundaland Motion Detected from GEODYSSEA GPS Measurements : Part I - Implications for Motion at Sunda Trenches.

Le Pichon et al. Sundaland motion detected from Geodyssea GPS measurements : part II - Relative motion of Sundaland and South China blocks; implications on India/Eurasia collision and on the tectonics of Taiwan.

Rangin et al. Distribution of deformation accross the Sundaland / Philippine sea plate boundary from GPS results.

Bellier et al. Active faulting in Central Sulawesi (Eastern Indonesia).

Walpersdorf et al. Instantaneous and finite kinematics in the northern arm of Sulawesi.

Becker et al. Analysis of the Results of the 1994 and 1996 GEODYSSEA GPS Campaigns at IfAG.

Becker et al. IfAG Permanent GPS Network Activities and Their Implications to a GEODYSSEA Follow on Project.

Angermann et al. The GEODYSSEA Network : GFZ results and Datum Definition.

Simons et al. Crustal Motions in South-East Asia Derived from the GEODYSSEA Observations by DUT

Ambrosius et al. Final Geodetic Results of the GEODYSSEA Project: the Combination Solution

Villeneuve et al. Eastern Indonesia Evolution Since the Late Eocene

Hui et al. Analyses of positional characteristics of celestial objects in major earthquake

Xiaming et al. Time-latitude residuals at Yunnan Observatory and major earthquake around it

Ahmad-Berger et al. Towards vision 2000 - A future geocentric datum and redefinition of the vertical datum for peninsula Malaysia?

Pan T-C. and J. SUN Peak Ground Acceleration of Malay Peninsula due to Long-distance Earthquakes

Bakosurtanal The present status of geodesy-geodynamics study in Indonesia

Bakosurtanal Implementation of the GEODYSSEA project in Indonesia: Bakosurtanal contribution

Lestariya et al. Indication of Sumatra fault displacement based on 1993 ands 1994 GPS data: A study of Siborongborong and Sidikalang transect network

Duong Chi Cong et al. Geodetic Measurements of Deformation across the Red River Fault near Thac Ba, Vietnam

Kulkarni M.N. The Global Positioning System Data Processing : for Geodynamic Investigations in India

Morley et al. Structural and Sedimentary Evolution of the Jerudung Anticline, Brunei Darussalam

Nyst et al. Inversion of the GEODYSSEA relative displacements into strains, incremental rotations, and slip on active faults

Kearsley A.H.W. The Unification of Vertical Datums Throughout South East Asia.

Lee J-T. Determining GPS Height at Tide Gauge with Multiple Processing

Richter B. High resolution gravity measurements - an additional tool for the understanding of vertical movements

Rizos et al. Low-cost densification of permanent GPS networks for natural hazard mitigation