Curriculum Vitae

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2015 - Now: Maitre de Conférences -- Assistant Professor
                     École Normale Supérieure, Paris, France.

2014 - 2015: Marie Curie Experienced Researcher
                     Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.  

2011 - 2014: Post-doctoral Scholar
                     Seismological Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, USA.


2008 - 2011: PhD Student. Supervisors: Dr. C. Lasserre, Dr. M.-P. Doin
                      ISTerre, University of Grenoble, France.

2006 - 2008: Master Géosciences
                      École Normale Supérieure & Institut de Physique du Globe, Paris, France.
                      Internship with Pr. R. Bürgmann (UC Berkeley, USA, 6 months)
                      Internship with Dr. C. Vigny (ENS, France)

2005 - 2006: License Géoscience
                      École Normale Supérieure, Paris, France.
                      Internship with Pr. R. Cattin (ENS, now Univ Montpellier, 1 month)

2003 - 2005: Préparation aux Concours des Grandes Écoles
                      Lycée Saint Louis, Paris, France. 
                      Admis à l'École Normale Supérieure (rank: 13/900).


2015 - Now: Assistant Professor at the Department of Geoscience, ENS

                     SeismoTectonics, masters -- From geodetic and seismological data to a mechanical         

                     description of the earthquake cycle
                     Remote Sensing, masters -- Time series analysis and atmospheric perturbations in


2013: Lecture on atmospheric perturbations in InSAR at CalTech (GE167)

2009 - 2011: Teaching Assistant at Université de Grenoble, France.
                      Seismic imaging field course (Villefranche-sur-mer), masters
                      Geodesy, undergraduate
                      Introduction to geosciences, undergraduate
                      Remote Sensing, masters
                      Radar Interferometry, masters

2008: Weekly Oral exams at Lycée Saint Louis, Paris, France.

Scientific Life:

Scientific Community:

        Convener in international conferences: AGU Fall Meeting, EGU General Assembly,

        Reviewer for Nature Geoscience, Science, Geophysical Research Letters, Geophysical Journal International, Journal of Geophysical Research, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Journal of Geodesy, Tectonophysics, G3, IEEE GRSL, IEEE TGRS

        Reviewer for funding agencies: National Science Foundation (USA), European Research Council (Europe)

Lab Life:


    Tectonic Observatory Seminar, California Institute of Technology, 2012-2013

    Convener/Organizer of the "Tribulations Savantes", Outreach event for high school students

    in Grenoble, France.

    Convener/Organizer of the PhD Candidate Meeting of ISTerre, 2010.

Active Collaborations:

    Z. Çakir (Istanbul Tech. Univ),Dr. A. Copley (Cambridge, UK), Pr. M. Simons (CalTech, USA), Pr. J.-P. Avouac (Caltech, USA), Pr. G. Peltzer (UCLA/JPL, USA), S. Ergintav (Kandili Obs, Istanbul), Dr. C. Lasserre (ISTerre, France), Dr. P. S. Agram (JPL/CalTech, USA), Dr. R. Grandin (IPGP, France), Dr. Y. Klinger (IPGP, France), Pr. F. Renard (ISTerre, France), Dr. T. Candela (UCSC, USA)...

Code Development:

    Efidir Project Member. NSBAS Chain Project member.

    Python-based Atmospheric Phase Screen (PyAPS) developper

    GIAnT developper (with P. S. Agram)

    AlTar project member (P.I.: M. Simons, CalTech)

    CSI Project leader (To be released soon, I hope...)

Awards and Fellowships:

AGU Jason Morgan Early Career Award 2017

Marie Curie Experienced Researcher Fellowship, 2014-2016

Tectonics Observatory Fellowship, 2011-2013

Outstanding student paper award, ESA Dragon 2 Symposium, China, 2010

French Ministry of Higher Education and Research Fellowship, 2009-2012

École Normale Supérieure de Paris Fellowship, 2005