Research Group

Current postdocs

Elenora can Rijsingen (2019-present)

Former postdocs

Lavinia Tunini (2017-2020), now researcher at INGV, Italy.

Henri Leclère (2017-2019), now postdoctoral researcher at ETH Zurich.

Adrien Poupardin (2015-2017), now assistant professor at ENSTP Cachan, France.

Timothy Craig (2013-2015), now research fellow at the Unviversity of Leeds, U.K.

Feiqin Xie (2006-2008), now professor at Texas A&M, Corpus Christi, USA.

David Manaker (2006-2007), now researcher at British Petroleum, Houston, USA.

Mami Ueno (2000-2001), now researcher at CNRS GeoAzur, Nice, France.

Maorong Ge (1998-2000), now researcher at GFZ, Potsdam, Germany.

Current Graduate Students

B. Raymbault, MSc, “Interseismic deformation on active faults in Haiti from an analysis of ALOS Radar data” (with R. Jolivet).

E. Danzansan, PhD, “Current tectoncis and seismic hazard in Mongolia” (from the Institute for Astronomy and Geophysics, Ulan Batar, Mongolia).

J. Ignacio Martin de Blas, PhD, "Dynamics of microplate motions duing the seismic cycle’' (with G. Iaffaldano, Univ. Copenhagen, Denmark).


A. Bougrine, PhD, “Present-day deformation in Algeria from continuous GPS measurements” (from the Centre de Recherche en Astronomie, Astrophysique et Géophysique — CRAAG, Algiers, Algeria), November 2019 — now researcher at the CRAAG, Algeria.

R. Montiney, MSc, “Interseismic deformation on active faults in Haiti from an analysis of Sentinel1 Radar data” (from State University of Haiti, with R. Jolivet).

P. Prévost, PhD, “Response of the Earth to Seasonal Loads” (with L. Fleitout and T. vanDam), Ecole normale supérieure, June 2018 — now postdoctoral researcher at Michigan State University, USA.

D. Walwer, PhD, “Adaptative detection of transient deformation in geodetic networks” (with M. Ghil), Ecole normale supérieure, February 2018 — now postdoctoral researcher at University of Lyon, France.

S. Symithe, PhD, “Present-day crustal deformation in the Caribbean from a combination of GPS measurements”, Purdue University, April 2016 — now Assistant Professor at the State University of Haiti.

R. Douilly, PhD, “Dynamics of the 2010 Haiti earthquake rupture, implications for strong ground motion in Haiti”, Purdue University, April 2016 — now Assistant Professor at UC Riverside, USA.

K. Chanard, PhD, “Visco-elastic response of the Earth to seasonal loading” (with Luce Fleitout), Ecole normale supérieure, October 2015 — now Researcher at the French Geodetic Survey (IGN).

S. Stamps, PhD, “Kinematics and Dynamics of Continental Rifting in East Africa", Purdue University, 2013 — now Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech, USA.

E. Saria, PhD, "An African Geodetic Reference Frame from Continuous GPS Measurements", Purdue University, 2013 — now Professor at Ardhi University, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

L. Bennati, MSc, "The Rifting Cycle at the Afar Oceanic rift, Northern Ethiopia", Purdue University, 2010 — now research scientist at ExxonMobil.

T. Bowling, MSc, GPS detection of ionospheric perturbations'', Purdue University, 2010 — now T. C. Chamberlin Fellow, Dept. of Geophysical Sciences, University of Chicago.

A. Tabrez, PhD, "Coulomb stress changes and stress transfer at transcurrent plate boundaries", co-advised with A. Freed, Purdue University, 2009 — now research scientist at AIR Worldwide, Boston.

T. Dautermann, PhD, "Ionospheric total electron content perturbations induced by lithosphere-atmosphere-ionosphere coupling processes", Purdue University, Physics, 2008 — now research scientist at the German Space Agency, Munich, Germany.

A. Aryal, MSc, "Radar interferometry applied to land subsidence and postseismic deformation", Purdue University, 2005 — now postdoctoral researcher at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

L. Dong, MSc, "Continental deformation in Asia from GPS measurements and dynamic deformation models", Purdue University, 2005.

J.Y. Han, PhD, "Geodetic transformation models and application in geophysics", Purdue University, 2005, main advisor Prof. vanGelder, CE/Geomatics — now Professor at the National Taiwan University.

Y. Song, MSc, "Intraplate deformation in the Central and Eastern US from continuous GPS measurements, implication for seismic hazard assesment", Purdue University, 2004.

H. Zhang, MSc, "Estimation of troposheric water vapor from GPS measurements on mobile platforms", Purdue University, 2004.

M. Vergnolle, PhD, "Continental deformation in Asia from GPS measurements and deformation models", Univ. of Nice, 2003 — now researcher at CNRS, Nice, France.

J.M. Nocquet, PhD, "Geodetic constraints on intraplate deformation in Europe", Univ. of Nice, 2002 — now researcher at CNRS, Nice, France.

Y. Mazabraud, MSc, "Plate interactions in the NE Caribbean from GPS measurements and elastic deformation models", Univ. Nice, 2001 — now Professor at University Antilles-Guyane, France.

S. Menet, MSc, "Comparison of GPS and triangulation measurements in the Alpes Maritimes and Castellane arc, Southern French Alps", ENSAIS and Univ. Strasbourg, 2001.

S. Hartig-Vey, MSc, "GPS measurement of ocean loading in Brittany", Univ. Grenoble, 2000 — now researcher at GFZ, Potsdam, Germany.

A. Aufranc, MSc, "Active deformationin the Rhine graben-Jura triple junction from a triangulation-GPS comparison", ENSAIS and Univ. Strasbourg, 2000.

L. Galisson,  MSc, "Present-day tectonic deformation in the southeastern French Alps form a comparison of GPS and triangulation data", ENSAIS and Univ. Strasbourg, 1998 — now project manager at SOLDATA, USA.

O. Lesne, PhD, "Dynamics of intracontinental extension in the Baikal rift zone (Siberia) from GPS measurements and numerical deformation models", Univ. Nice, 1997 — now research scientist at ACRI-ST, France.

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