Jérôme Fortin 
Reserarch associate, CNRS

Ecole normale supérieure
Laboratoire de Géologie
24 rue Lhomond
Paris, 75005

(33) 1 4432 2206
Email: fortin 'at' geologie.ens.fr


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Research Areas

Rocks physics: Localization in porous rock, from shear band to compaction band. Laboratory experiments using acoustic emissions (AE) to investigate the formation of compaction bands (Collaboration with S. Stanchits and G. Dresen at the GeoForshungsZentrum - Potsdam). Effect of localization on the permeability. Investigation of elastic properties of porous/cracked rocks. Development of effective media models.

Hydrogeology : Relationship between porosity and permeability in order to quantify the infiltation on the Galapagos Islands.

Geophysics : Seismicity in the Icelandic hydrotherman systems through tectonic and mechanical study of the physical properties of basalts.







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