Analytical Platform

Dedicated to characterization of natural and experimental samples from the different laboratory teams, the analytical platform is composed of a scanning electron microscope, a Raman microspectrometer, an X-Ray diffractometer and a magnetic characterization equipment.

Scanning electron microscope

    Scanning electron microscope (SEM-FEG) ZEISS Zigma
    Detectors: ASB, SE2, Inlens, EDS and EBSD Oxford Instruments camera

    Based on electron-matter interactions, the electron microscope is capable of providing high-resolution images of the samples surface at considerable magnifications (X250000) and characterizing phases with micrometric accuracy.

    • Spot analyzes EDS (energy dispersive spectroscopy) and EBSD (diffraction of backscattered electrons)
    • Making images with different contrasts: chemical, topographic, elementary (X mapping) and crystallographic (diffraction of backscattered electrons)

Raman microspectrometer

    Raman microspectrometer Renishaw InVia

    A method of vibrational spectroscopy based on the inelastic diffusion of light, it allows the characterization of crystalline phases but also of uncrystallized phases such as glasses, liquids, gases and organic materials (carbonisats…).

    • Non-destructive technique
    • Needing little or no preparation
    • Analysis resolution of the micrometer order
    • Large-scale Raman mapping (Stream-Line)
    • Two incident wavelengths available (514 and 785 nm)
    • Tool of choice in the study of carbon materials

Diffractomètre à rayon X

    X-Ray diffractometer Rigaku XMAX 2500 with rotating anode

    The X-ray diffractometer allows characterization of the crystallized phases through the diffraction of X-rays by the matter interatomic planes.

    • Rotating anode
    • Intensity max 300 mA and Tension max 60 KV

Magnetic characterization of rocks and minerals

    Magnetic characterization of rocks and minerals

    • A strong field magnet coil
    • An equipment to measure anisotropy and magnetic susceptibility in KLY-3 heaters (Agico)
    • A JR-5 spinner magnetometer (Agico)