The LG-ENS is based on a unique instrumentation grouped on 3 research platforms

Analytical Platform

Dedicated to characterization of natural and experimental samples from the different laboratory teams, the analytical platform is composed of a scanning electron microscope, a Raman microspectrometer, an X-Ray diffractometer and a magnetic characterization equipment.

Experimental Platform

Thanks to the five instruments of its rock mechanics platform, the LG-ENS can reproduce the Earth's pressure conditions from the surface crust to the asthenospheric mantle. Heating the samples and controlling the fluid pressure allows to get as close as possible to natural conditions.

Observational Platform

The observational platform develops new instruments and conducts numerous campaigns and maintenance missions all over the globe. The geodetic and seismological measurements carried out in situ are one of the main tools of the "Geodynamics and Structures" team of the laboratory.