Founded in 1880, the Laboratoire de Géologie de l’École normale supérieure de Paris is a joint research unit with the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). Built on a long tradition in Earth and Environmental Sciences, it houses research that covers a wide field - Geology, Geodesy, Geomorphology, Geodynamics, Marine Geophysics, Geomechanics, Hydrogeology, Mineralogy, Seismology and Tectonics - which makes it a privileged place for exchanges at thematic borders.

Teams & Platforms


    Research projects, both fundamental and applied, carried out by the laboratory researchers, are funded through:

    • the ENS – PSL University and the CNRS
    • public research funding agencies (Agence nationale de la recherche; Agence de l’Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l’Énergie; Campus-France …)
    • research programs of the City of Paris and the region Ile-de-France
    • European research programs (European Research Council ; actions Marie Sklodowska-Curie)
    • institutional and industrial partners (IRSN, CNES, ESA, CEA, IGN, Météo France, ANDRA, IFPen, Schlumberger, Total, ORANO, AXA, EDF, l’Oréal, …)


    The laboratory is strongly involved in the Bachelor “Sciences of the planet Earth” (Géosciences ENS – Sorbonne Université) and in the Master Géosciences ENS – PSL Université. This training in Geosciences through teaching and research is a specificity of the laboratory, which is attached to the Doctoral School 560 STEP’UP (Earth, environmental and physical sciences of the universe).


    The ENS Geology laboratory is also part of:

    • the Institute of Sciences of the Universe (INSU) via its main connection to section 18 of the CNRS, the Institute of Engineering and Systems Sciences (INSIS) via its connection to section 9 of the CNRS, and finally to the Institute of Ecology and Environment (INEE) via its attachment (in progress) to section 30 of the CNRS.
    • the Joint Research Laboratory (LRC) “Yves Rocard”, shared by the Geosciences department of the ENS and the Analysis, Monitoring and Environment Department (DASE) of the French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energy Commission (CEA).
    • the Pierre Simon Laplace Institute (IPSL) to which the Surface and Reservoir team is attached.
    • of the Universe Sciences Observatory (OSU) “Ecce Terra”, which brings together 16 research units in Earth sciences, hydrology, environment, terrestrial biosphere, climate sciences, terrestrial and marine ecology, marine biology and epidemiology.

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