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Christophe Vigny

Département Terre Atmosphère Océan
École Normale Supérieure
24, rue Lhomond
75231 Paris cedex 05
Phone: 33 1 44 32 22 14
Fax: 33 1 44 32 22 00
Email :
Senior researcher at C.N.R.S.
(research director 2nd class)

The Chile earthquake (Maule Mw 8.8) of 27-Feb-2010

la sismicité du Chili

26-Dec-2004 Sumatra Earthquake and it's consequences up to March 2008

8 years of Erthquakes off-shore Sumatra GPS-constrained crustal deformation

My main subject is : crustal deformation (plate tectonics) measured by precise satellite positionning (GPS). As far as plate tectonics are concerned, I am involved in different projects dealing with continental collision (European Alps, Himalaya), extension (Afar), subduction (Indonesia, Chile), and major strike-slip faults (Sumatra and Palu-Koro in Indonesia, Sagaing, Myanmar). I also work on Global Change issues and post-glacial continental rebound induced by ice melting (Antarctica). Last, but not least, I work on Erosion on sand beaches (Merlimont, baie de Somme).
I teach at the master degree level in the "Master of Earth Sciences" at ENS. one of my lesson is entitled : Geophysical fields (Heat flux, gravity field, velocity and deformation field at the Earth surface, magnetic field). Another one is space geodesy (GPS). I also gave international lessons in SE-Asia in the framework of our European program SEAMERGES and in China in association with the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing.
I was head of the laboratory geophysics team and "chargé de mission" at INSU (the department of earth and Universe sciences at french National Center for Scientific Research) for Earth Satellite Observation. I am now director of the research group (GDR) "Geodesy & Geophysics" named G2.
I spend 1/3 of my time making measurements on the field, 1/3 in the lab doing data processing, 1/3 making interpretations and writing papers and communications, 1/3 raising funds, and 1/3 teaching. I will retire soon ! (just kidding)

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